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Since Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) nearly 1500 years ago, ancestors discovered the secret of edible bird nest. According to many documented historical data, it was brought to China from Southeast Asia region by Admiral Cheng Ho more than 500 years ago. It was considered a supreme delicacy and exclusively consumed by the Chinese royalties and court officials to maintain health, beauty and youth.


Persatuan Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia was established in 2012 to support and defend the rights of the bird nest ranchers. This nation wide association is supported by members from bird nest industry throughout the country.


In 2015, Koperasi Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad (P-6-0601), also known as Malaysia Swiflet Nest Co-Operative Socivety, began operation in the processing of edible birdnest in Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia. We are the only birdnest processing facility in Malaysia that is accredited with cleanroom Grade'D' processing area to ensure safe and high quality products in compliance to ISO 22000, ISO 9001, Halal, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI and Veterinary Health Mark.


With extensive research on Prebiopep®, an intermediate raw material with bioactive peptide used in our exclusive personal care products, ebn® and supplement, Kowalit®. We believe that consumers' needs should be prioritized so we strive to ensure the safety and quality of products.

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Kowalit® Edible Birdnest

Kowalit® Edible Birdnest

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Koperasi Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad prioritizes consumers by striving in complying and maintaining all its product under brand trademark of Kowalit®, ebn® and Prebiopep® are safe and of the highest quality. This is due to the fact that Koperasi is founded by members from various background with a common idea in sharing their love and knowledge on the best of birdnest to consumers. Research on birdnest in production and for downstream products are carried out extensively and consistently to ensure that consumers can enjoy the best of birdnest and its benefits.



Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad was founded in year 2012 due to legal restriction, whereby associations (Persatuan Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad) cannot conduct business commercialisation. The main objectives of the founding of Koperasi are parallel to Persatuan which are to defend the rights of bird nest rancher and to support the ranchers by commercialising and exporting bird nests and bird nest products to the international platform.


Koperasi Penternak Burung Walit Malaysia Berhad is the only national level bird’s nest processing co-operative society in Malaysia and monitored under Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM). This differentiates Koperasi from other business entities as all Koperasi’s management decisions are monitored by SKM.


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